'EastEnders' Max Branning wants to "make a commitment" to Ruby Allen.

Jake Wood

Jake Wood

The reformed lothario will pop the question on Friday's (22.11.19) episode of the BBC soap and actor Jake Wood believes his alter-ego wants to get serious with Ruby, even if he doesn't know if the pair are ready for marriage.

He told Metro.co.uk: "He thinks that the right thing to do is to propose. He's not exactly sure what Ruby wants, but I'm not exactly sure he knows what he wants. I think he just wants to make a commitment to her

"He does it in the restaurant -- in Walford East -- and he enlists Bobby Beale to help him to make it spectacular and special."

Jake thinks Max is still recovering from a difficult 18 months, which has included a custody battle for his grandchild Abi.

He said: "I think this last year -- year and a half -- has been about Max finding his feet really after everything he's been through. You know, trying to get custody of Abi.' 'I think at the minute it feels like Max is getting settled and getting his feet on the ground, and getting back into normal life, if you like."

However, Jake recently admitted he hopes Max and Ruby's best friend Stacey Fowler rekindle their romance in the future.

The Walford legend enjoys shooting scenes opposite Lacey Turner - who is currently on maternity leave from the soap - and is hoping the script writers have something lined up for the two characters again.

He said: "Max will always be in love with Stacey and there is still a connection there.

"I'd love to see something happen between them again, and personally I enjoy doing scenes with Lacey. She's such a talented actor and a pleasure to work with."

Max and Stacey previously had an affair, and it was exposed in one of the soap's most dramatic Christmas Day episodes ever in 2007.