Matthew Morrison is disappointed 'The Greatest Dancer' isn't returning.

Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison

The 41-year-old star appeared on the show's judging panel for two series, describing it as an "extraordinary experience", but the broadcaster revealed in April that it wasn't planning to revive the programme.

When asked if he is sad the show won't be returning, Matthew reflected: "Yeah, I think it was such a great show. The BBC put a huge budget behind it and it grabbed a very devoted audience every week and I just heard it's been nominated for a BAFTA award, too!

"To come over and live in London for three months of the year, two years in a row, was an extraordinary experience for me and my family."

Matthew recently filmed an episode for the BBC's 'Celebrity Supply Teachers', giving a lesson to kids about musical theatre amid the coronavirus lockdown.

And the TV star admitted the experience was reminiscent of his time on 'The Greatest Dancer'.

He told What's on TV magazine: "I do a lot of mentoring with young people at different colleges around the world to try and invigorate the young artists of tomorrow. I feel like it's my duty as a performer to pay it forward to the next generation.

"That was intensified with my role on 'The Greatest Dancer' as a dance captain.

"I loved having that one-to-one connection with the dancers and, although I don't have that on this show, I really hope the kids watching will learn something about the love and passion I have for musical theatre."

Matthew previously starred as Will Schuester in the hit US TV series 'Glee'.

And he thinks that role was perfect for helping him to make the transition from the theatre to TV stardom.

He said: "For me, the purity of live theatre is what I crave but 'Glee' was the perfect transition into television for me because, as a cast, we were basically putting on huge musical performances every week!

"People still call me 'Mr Schue' all the time but I don't mind."

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