Matt Willis "cried his eyes out" while watching 'The Voice Kids'.

Matt and Emma Willis

Matt and Emma Willis

Host Emma Willis revealed her musician husband was overcome with emotion while watching the first episode of the new series and he burst into tears.

She told "It's a lovely feel-good show, isn't it? Seeing little kids who have these massive voices and a hugely talented. They just make you smile.

"I was watching it, the first episode, eating my lunch and I already know what happens but Matt is stood behind me crying his eyes out.

"It has that emotion - even the cute things can make you cry with happiness, I feel like we do need that bit of lightness on the television."

The spin-off features, Pixie Lott, Paloma Faith and Danny Jones as judges and the contestants are all children between the ages of seven and 14.

Meanwhile, Paloma - who appeared as a judge on the main show back in 2016 - admitted she actually prefers her current role as a coach on 'The Voice Kids'.

Paloma shared: "I feel like the main show gave me a lot of anxiety, but this gives me pure joy in bucket loads.

"You see it with your own eyes, how growing up and becoming an adult gives us inhibition, self-doubt ... But we all, at some point when we were kids, had a purity and our talents could really shine.

"I feel like it's about not patronising them, so just saying: 'Take a breath, you're brilliant.'

"It's about encouragement, it's not about drawing attention to it because kids are really aware of embarrassment and stuff, probably as much as adults would be.

"It's not supposed to be a defining moment for any of them. I wouldn't do a show that was giving that pressure to kids."