Matt Evers will be doing all of the lifts during his routines with Ian 'H' Watkins on 'Dancing On Ice' - because the Steps singer isn't strong enough to pick him up.

Ian 'H' Watkins and Matt Evers

Ian 'H' Watkins and Matt Evers

The 43-year-old American figure skater and the 'Deeper Shade of Blue' hitmaker are to make history as the first same-sex pairing on the ITV talent show, and Matt has revealed he will be the one leading the moves on the rink because he is too big for H to pick up.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Matt said: "We attempted H lifting me, but because of my size, he can't."

H - who is openly gay - asked producers if he could be partnered with a male skater when he was approached to take part in the programme and is thrilled that they agreed with his idea.

The pop star previously said: "I had the meeting in the summer and I said, 'If this does go ahead then I would like to be considered with a male partner.'

"For me, it's important to have someone the right gender for my sexuality."

Matt is determined to do the partnership "justice", but wants to see what the audience think of the pair together before deciding if he will "push it a bit more" with their routines.

He previously said: "I feel extra pressure, I want to do it justice. We're trying to make it normal.

"If the audience and fans embrace it, we're going to push it a bit more. If they don't, we'll strip it back and it'll be more of a friendship."

As well as sorting out the lifting issue, Matt has also revealed that some moves have had to be altered because the pair's penises have got in the way.

Matt said: "We're in full-on practice mode. There's a practical difference, though. Parts of his anatomy get in the way in certain moves, on some of the lifts. We're having to alter the lifts because it's never been done before."

The new series of 'Dancing on Ice' starts on Sunday (05.01.20) on ITV 6pm and other celebs competing include 'Coronation Street' actress Lisa George, Caprice and 'Love Island' babe Maura Higgins among others.