Marcus Rashford has been awarded a gold Blue Peter badge.

Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford

The 23-year-old sports star is set to be given one of the coveted badges for his charitable work amid the coronavirus pandemic, having worked tirelessly to ensure young people have free school meals during the lockdown.

Marcus will receive the badge as part of the gold Blue Peter badge special show on Thursday (25.02.21). Previous recipients of the badge include the likes of Sir David Attenborough and Queen Elizabeth.

In March, at the start of the coronavirus crisis in the UK, the Manchester United star joined forces with the food waste charity FareShare to deliver free school meals to kids in the Greater Manchester area.

Since then, he's been able to expand his campaign and he even convinced the government to change its policy in relation to free school meals during the school holidays.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously praised Marcus' efforts to help provide free school meals to kids across the UK.

He said last year: "I talked to Marcus Rashford today and congratulated him on his campaign which to be honest I only became aware of very recently, today - and I thank him for what he's done."

Marcus also insisted he felt proud to be British after witnessing how the country has rallied together amid the coronavirus crisis.

The England star was particularly pleased to see communities come together to support the most vulnerable people in society.

Marcus - who was born in Wythenshawe - explained: "Even at their lowest point, having felt the devastating effects of the pandemic, local businesses have wrapped arms around their communities today, catching vulnerable children as they fell.

"I couldn't be more proud to call myself British."