Mandip Gill wants to star in a 'Torchwood' revival.

Mandip Gill

Mandip Gill

The 'Doctor Who' actress would be delighted for her beloved character Yaz Khan to join the spin-off series once her journey with the Thirteenth Doctor - played by Jodie Whittaker - comes to an end.

She told "My answer would be yeah, I think Yaz would be up for it at that point.

"She's learned so much that she would be good for ['Torchwood']. But I also think she would really want to do it, and to top it off I think she would need it."

The 32-year-old star suggested Yaz wouldn't be able to hack a life back in her hometown after travelling the universe with the Time Lord, and thinks the spin-off - which featured John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness - would be the next step of her journey.

She added: "If this is her journey with the Doctor over, she's not ready for Sheffield. There's so much more for her to learn and develop, and she's just starting to find her feet and be confident with everything that she went through and what happened to her when she was much younger.

"She'd need more! She's not going back home and to her family. That'd be too fast."

It comes after Mandip worked alongside John when he made a comeback on the long running BBC sci-fi show as Captain Jack - who was last seen on the main programme a decade ago, and in 'Torchwood' in 2011 - earlier this year, and she would love to team up with the "iconic" star once again.

She said: "He's such a character, isn't he? You know when people ask like, 'How's it working with the Cybermen or a Dalek?' I guess working with John Barrowman was the same - because they're iconic.

"And also it was very nice to work with somebody who's been doing it for years. Just to come back and be like 'when we used to do [Doctor Who] this was happening, and we used to have fans come all the time to set,' and all that stuff."

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