Maggie Oliver is up for eviction on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Maggie Oliver

Maggie Oliver

The former police officer will now battle with Andrew Brady, Ann Widdecombe, John Barnes and Rachel Johnson to stay in the reality show when the double eviction takes place on Friday night (19.01.18).

It was up to Ann and Daniel O'Reilly, also known as Dapper Laughs, to choose who would be saved and who would be put up to eviction after they won the Big Brother Driving School challenge. Ann and Daniel agreed they should save him from eviction.

Announcing their decision, Daniel said: "Me and Ann agreed, thank you Ann, that she would save me."

Whilst Ann added: "I'm now going to make myself the most unpopular person in the house but the criterion that I have used throughout is, I only nominate people who I think have been unkind to others. Therefore, were she not immune, Ashley would have been right at the top of my hit list for her treatment of Jonny but she's immune. Therefore, I regret, nobody is going to like this, because she laughed when others were in pain, I nominate Maggie."

There were audible gasps from the other housemates when the news was revealed and Maggie headed off to speak to Big Brother, where she branded the decision upsetting.

She said: "I am upset but not surprised. As an MP, she's used to making unpopular decisions. There's a very uncomfortable feeling in the house and I think that everyone's picked up on that. We'll have to get along and we'll have to be civil with each other but there will be a little bit of awkwardness around Ann. I definitely feel like I can't trust her."