Lucy Mecklenburgh thinks the easing of coronavirus restrictions will create fresh issues for new mums.

Roman and Lucy Mecklenburgh (c) Results Wellness Lifestyle

Roman and Lucy Mecklenburgh (c) Results Wellness Lifestyle

The 29-year-old TV star - who gave birth to her son, Roman, in March last year - admits that having a baby in lockdown has been a blessing in many ways, but as life in the UK returns towards normality, Lucy thinks some parents will be left feeling anxious about everyday tasks.

She explained: "Just little things like folding up the pram and putting in the boot of the car. Many of my mum friends haven’t done simple things like this, when in a normal world it would be a daily thing.

"The lifting of lockdown rules means that all these little things are now coming rushing in at once - rather than being slowly spread over time.

"It makes you lose that bit of confidence as a mum and I'll be honest, because these are usually things that mums do in the first few months, many mums may feel stupid asking for help.

"There have been positives of having a baby in lockdown, like both of you never missing those special milestones like the first smile, laugh or crawl. Also not having to worry about breast feeding in public or in front of visitors too much because we are all local to home - or at home.

"But then there is that new anxiety of having to breast feed in public again now lockdown is lifting and I can imagine that can be a daunting idea for a lot of new mums who haven’t had to do that yet."

Some 43 percent of new mums have admitted they've never left their baby with someone other than their partner, according to a survey conducted by the health and wellness app Results Wellness Lifestyle.

And Lucy - who has Roman with actor Ryan Thomas - thinks parents need more support than ever with their mental wellbeing.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Jones - a women’s mindset mentor - believes a rise in anxiety among parents is to be expected due to the lockdown.

She said: "From pregnancy through to becoming a new parent you are filled with anxiety in ‘normal’ circumstances.

"Thoughts like, 'Can I look after a baby? How will I cope? I miss my old life' often overwhelm new mums.

“With a pandemic plonked on top of these emotions, plus a lack of support, care and guidance has left new mums feeling isolated, anxious and low."

Lucy is the co-founder of Results Wellness Lifestyle.