Lucy Mecklenburgh had "major anxiety" about breastfeeding in public amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Ryan Thomas

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Ryan Thomas

The former 'TOWIE' star gave birth to her and Ryan Thomas' baby Roman four months ago, and she admitted feeling "really overwhelmed" when a waitress put her head into her son's pram to have a look at the youngster during their first post-lockdown meal out, and she was also anxious about feeding him in public for the first time.

Speaking on a panel for WaterWipes' Early Days Club LIVE event, she said: "It did feel weird and I did have a lot of anxiety about it. We went to a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and I had two major anxieties, one was feeding in public because I had never done it before.

"It felt really odd because I had only breastfed in my house and I felt really exposed.

"The waitress got really close in his pram, putting her head in. She meant really well and was really lovely but I felt really uncomfortable.

"I don't know whether it is because we are in a pandemic or because I would be like that anyway.

"I am not sure, but I felt really overwhelmed and my heart was going. I really didn't want her there, but I didn't want to be rude to her, and then it came to feeding and I found it all quite strange.

"In the end we had a really nice day and I think once I had done it, been out and had fed, I felt a lot better.

Lucy was trying to cover herself and Roman with a muslin when she first breastfed in public, but when it didn't go to plan she ditched the cotton fabric and fed the youngster how she would at home.

She added: "I think your firsts if you have given birth in the last five months are a lot later.

"Like packing the changing bag, using the car seat, folding the pram and putting it in the car.

"I had never done any of these things and really he is a big baby now and I would have normally done all these things before.

"I think you would normally feed in public when they are not really pulling things yet. They would be a newborn and he's not, and he was pulling the muslin, pulling my hair, pulling my earrings and I was like, 'Argh.'

"In the end I just chucked the muslin in the bag and I just said, 'You know what, I am going to feed him like I feed him at home. If anyone has got a problem with it, whatever.'

"And I could see how he was latched, I felt more comfortable the longer I did it. And actually, it's fine now.

"We've been to restaurants a few times since and I am a lot more confident and comfortable."

Lucy was a panellist for WaterWipes Early Days Club LIVE event for new and expecting parents on Wednesday 29th July at 11am. She was joined by host Ellie Taylor, and panellists Ore Oduba, Dr Stephanie Ooi and wellness expert Caroline Foran.

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