Louisa Lytton's fiancé "can't bear" to watch her on 'EastEnders'.

Louisa Lytton

Louisa Lytton

The 32-year-old star's significant other Ben Bhanvra isn't a fan of the BBC One soap, but she sometimes encourages him to watch "important episodes" and he is not a fan of her character Ruby Allen.

Louisa said: "He doesn't watch the show. Every now and then I'll make him sit and watch if it's an important episode for me - and he can't bear it.

"He's like, 'Oh, I hope you're never like this at home.'

"It's funny really, because for him I just go off to work and come home.

"He doesn't even really think about the fact I'm in 'EastEnders'."

Louisa is hoping for Ruby's family to grow in the coming months, as she has been "pushing for" the producers to introduce a long-lost sibling for her alter-ego.

She added to Inside Soap magazine: "I've always said that I'd like her to have a long-lost sibling come into the show.

"Her dad was a gangster, and he probably had so many affairs that it would be amazing if she had some brothers and sisters turn up."

Away from Albert Square, Louisa and Ben have booked their wedding for July 2021, but she feels "so anxious" about collecting her dress, because she doesn't know if her nuptials will go ahead this year due to potential coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

She recently wrote on Instagram: "Going to try on wedding dresses feels like a lifetime ago. . My mum came to every appointment. I loved every dress . . She chose the winner. (This ISN’T it) My dress is still in the shop as I feel so anxious about collecting it? Not knowing if I’ll even be wearing it this year? Brides . . How are you feeling? Are you still counting on 2021 for your big day or are 2022 new dates being discussed? (sic)"

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