Louis Walsh wants Simon Cowell to be knighted.

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh

The 66-year-old star - who is excited to return to the 'X Factor' panel after being sacked in 2018 after 13 years as a judge - has insisted there are "no hard feelings" with the media mogul, and he heaped praise on Simon for the work he's done in the music industry.

He told The Sun Online: "I was sacked and paid off. There's no hard feelings. I had 13 years. I love Simon. Simon's the best person in the world. I love working with him.

"I used to work with him everyday. The reason Westlife are here is because of Simon. He started this band. He gave us all the hits. He was an amazing A and R guy. Nobody better.

"I'm saying why isn't he a Sir? I want him to be Sir Simon. We're starting a campaign for a knighthood. He thinks he's royalty already, so it's fine."

While Louis hasn't been told who will competing on the upcoming celebrity version of the ITV talent show, he has seen the likes of Gemma Collins, Vinnie Jones and Megan McKenna have been rumoured.

He added: "I know Megan's a great singer and we'll get the best out of them. We're gonna have great fun."

The music manager is excited to be back on the panel with Nicole Scherzinger, and he's still holding out hope for Sharon Osbourne to make a comeback.

He said: "I love Nicole. She's the best judge I've ever worked with, and I do love Sharon Osborne an awful lot, but with Nicole she tries harder and she knows about music.

"She can sing, dance and perform. She looks good. She always wants to win. I love Sharon. The icing on the cake would be Sharon.

"Maybe she'll come back for the All-Stars. There's never a dull moment with Nicole, I adore her. She's the best judge, but Sharon's my favourite."