Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger are set to return to 'The X Factor'.

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh

The music manager and the pop star have both enjoyed two previous stints on the panel of the ITV popstar search show and are now in "advanced talks" to return for a third time, according to The Sun newspaper.

Louis, 66, previously revealed he was hopeful about a return but wanted Sharon Osbourne to make a comeback with him.

Asked about the possibility of returning to 'The X Factor', Louis confessed: "I'm speaking to Simon. Let's see.

"Sharon would be great. She's burnt a few bridges, but that's what's good about her - she has an opinion. She's never boring or predictable."

Sharon's hopes of returning to the show appeared to end in 2018, when she said she'd "put a f***ing brick" around Simon's neck and then "throw him over".

However, Louis is confident that Simon and Sharon - who previously starred together on the talent show - can rebuild their professional relationship.

He explained: "She was only joking. It was all panto talk. They will make up. I'm going to mediate between them. I'll do anything necessary."

Louis also praised Simon, explaining that fame and success hasn't changed him as a man.

Louis said: "He's never changed. Only thing that has is his face."