Louie Spence claims being gay is "not enough" to land him TV jobs any more.

Louis Spence

Louis Spence

The choreographer - who has appeared on 10 reality shows including 'The Jump', 'Celebrity Call Centre', 'Celebs On The Farm' and 'Celebrity Big Brother' - thinks producers are worried about being "politically correct" and are more focused on embracing diversity for the sake of it than casting the "best people" for the programme.

He said: "It's getting more and more difficult to get cast on TV shows. It's not enough to be gay any more.

"Everyone is so worried about being politically correct, the best people for the job aren't always being cast. It's tough."

The 'Pineapple Dance Studios' star won't be thinking about retirement for a long time yet.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column: "I'm nearly 50 and I think I'll be working for many years yet, I'm not ready to hang up my dancing shoes."

Louie previously hit out at BBC reality contest 'The Greatest Dancer', branding it "tired" and a "wasted opportunity" because it didn't feature professional movers.

He said: "The format is just tired.

"My expectations were that it was going to be a proper dance show, but it's just a rehash of Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor. Aren't we over that now? I think people are beyond all the sob stories..."Are they naive that they're going to call a show The Greatest Dancer and have amateurs on there?

"I think it's a weak show and a wasted opportunity."

He was also unimpressed by the decision to hire Cheryl as a judge alongside Oti Mabuse and Matthew Morrison.

He said: "I personally don't thinks she's a national treasure."

"Oti has a lot of personality and is bubbly and maybe Cheryl feels she needs to be more quiet because she's not really an expert in dance."