Lisa Kudrow was told Blackpool was the UK's Las Vegas.

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow

The 56-year-old actress was in for a shock after TV bosses told her the seaside resort was similar to the gambling city when she travelled to the north west of England to film her upcoming LGBTQ+ comedy 'Feel Good'.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "That was my first trip to Blackpool. And yes, they did sell it as Las Vegas, but Las Vegas to me is gambling so I was excited to maybe go to a casino, but I misunderstood the comparison. Ultimately, nothing is like Las Vegas. Blackpool seemed like a pretty quite seaside town."

The new series will see Lisa star as the mother of Mae Martin, who enters into an intense new relationship while coping with the struggles of being a recovering addict.

Though the show writers dreamt of having the 'Friends' star on the show, they sent her a script as a joke thinking she would turn it down.

Martin, who co-wrote the show and plays a version of herself, told Radio Times: "She was a fantasy casting that we wrote, but it was just a daydream and then we sort of sent them to her as a joke.

"When she flew over to the UK, we were in the room reading with her and it was just so thrilling. Being on screen with her was very surreal and very wonderful."

However, Lisa's trip was not all that disappointing as she discovered digestive biscuits, and stocked up before returning home to America.

She added: "I have them in the morning with my coffee."

Martin received a photo from Lisa of her bundle of goodies from the UK.

She recalled: "Our craft services table was like digestive biscuits and she's used to an organic one where they'll make you an omelette in two seconds. But she was so nice, and she was like 'I love these biscuits' and she now orders them to LA. She sent me a photograph, she has like 12 tubes in her cupboard. She has them with tea in the morning."

'Feel Good' stars on March 18 at 10pm on Channel 4.

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