Leigh-Anne Pinnock is to make a BBC documentary about racism.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Leigh-Anne Pinnock

The Little Mix singer will front the one-off show 'Leigh-Anne: Colourism & Race' for BBC Three, which will look at issues including how having lighter skin and being famous has meant she's been regarded as in a privileged position, but it will also tackle the wider issue of race in the UK.

The 'Shout Out To My Ex' hitmaker wanted to use her fame as a "platform to bring this conversation to a wider audience" and because she has "always been passionate about rights for black people".

Leigh-Anne admitted she also wanted to "stand up for my black and brown community".

She added: "Conversations surrounding racism and colourism are something I constantly have with my boyfriend and family.

"Systemic racism is complex; through making this documentary I want to learn how I can best lend my voice to the debate so that the young people who look up to me won't have to face what me and my generation have had to."

BBC bosses are hopeful the documentary will be powerful enough to instigate real change.

BBC Three controller Fiona Campbell said: "By working with high profile talent like Leigh-Anne, and other important individuals she will meet through this process, we hope the honest conversations this film will feature will have the power to change attitudes, offer insight and help to prevent racism in our society."

The 28-year-old singer - who is engaged to Andre Grey - recently shared a video on Instagram, explaining that she often felt like the "least favoured" member of Little Mix due to her skin colour.

She said: "My reality is feeling anxious before fan events and signings because I always feel like I'm the least favoured.

"My reality is constantly feeling like I have to work ten times harder and longer to make my case in the group, because my talent alone isn't enough. My reality is all the times I felt invisible within my group.

"Part of me is fully aware that my experience would have been ever harder to deal with had I been dark-skinned. Our reality is no matter how far you think you've come, racism exists.

"So let's all continue to speak up on racism and keep this movement going. Thank you."