Lauren Goodger and Jack Fincham pulled out of their 'This Morning' appearance after the 'Celebs Go Dating' wrap party.

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

The two reality TV stars were set to sit on the sofa for an interview with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on Thursday morning (08.08.19), but their co-star Lady Colin Campbell had to go solo when the pair went missing after a heavy night out.

Eamonn told viewers earlier in the show: "She was supposed to be joined by Jack Fincham and Lauren Goodger as well. They were supposed to be here but we were told it was the wrap party of the programme last night and they haven't [turned up]. No one's seen them since."

Lady C cheekily suggested Lauren and Jack didn't turn up to the studio because of some "rumpy pumpy", although she said the real question is "with whom" rather than where they were.

She alleged: "I don't think we need to guess too hard as to where they are and what they're doing, but I think the only question mark is 'with whom?'

"I saw them as I was leaving, which was well after midnight. [Jack] said, 'Oh I'll see you tomorrow', and I said 'Sure', and Lauren seemed a little bit [unsteady].

"I think temptation, some people are like Oscar Wilde - they can resist anything but temptation. I think they both - two words, rumpy pumpy."

Ruth was quick to point out the saucy suggestion was just "Lady C's opinion", and she called for the missing pair to get in touch.

She laughed: "That's only Lady C's opinion, obviously we don't know. But Jack and Lauren, if you're watching let us know, because we can't find either of you anywhere. We're a bit worried."