Lauren Goodger is reportedly in talks to do 'Celebrity First Dates'.

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star - who hasn't had much luck when it comes to her dating life over the years - is hoping that the show's relationship expert Fred Sirieix and his team at Paternoster Chop House in London will set her up with the man of her dreams following her split from jailbird Joey Morrison.

A source told The Sun Online: "Lauren would love to take part in 'Celebrity First Dates'. She loves to watch the show and thinks it could be really good fun. Plus she might meet her perfect man so it's a win-win situation."

The 32-year-old reality TV beauty - who dated Mark Wright on and off for 10 years until he met his now-wife Michelle Keegan - dumped Joey over the summer time after she found out that he had been sexting other women from prison.

She said recently: "I wait it out longer than I should until I'm done and then I get over it. I've never been single and you have one life."

She was later bombarded with questions from her fans, one of which asked how she handles men who cheat with "average girls."

To which Lauren replied: "They insecure. It's an ego thing. Boys who talk to loads of girls are very unattractive. I don't go for money, I go for love. Money is a bonus. I'd rather be happy and loved than lonely and rich (sic)."

Joey was jailed in 2008 for a series of violent drug-related crimes, kidnapping, blackmail and actual bodily harm but, after falling for him last year over a telephone call, Lauren vowed to stick by him and wait until he was released.

However, her promise went unappreciated as she was later forced to split up with him when she found out about his infidelity.

Since then, she's thrown herself into health and fitness - regularly embarking on bootcamps - to ensure she's in the best physical and mental shape she can be.