Kym Marsh is doubtful the Rovers Return will be rebranded The Roverz.

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh

The 42-year-old actress - who plays Michelle Connor on 'Coronation Street' - refused to confirm the claims that Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) will try to modernise the popular pub when he buys the boozer, but she thinks if the changes do happen, there'll be a lot of protests from the "horrified" characters.

She said: "While I can't comment on future 'Coronation Street' storylines, there was a report last week that the Rovers Return will be rebranded The Roverz when Johnny Connor takes over the pub.

"I can't imagine that going ahead as the residents of 'Corrie' would be horrified!"

And Kym doesn't believe the soap's loyal viewers would be too impressed either as they complained the last time the iconic bar set was given a makeover.

Writing in her OK! magazine column, she added: "I remember when they revamped the Rovers after I'd been in the show for a few years. But the viewers didn't take to it and in the end we changed it back - so I think viewers would have something to say about The Roverz too."

It was previously revealed Johnny's plans won't go down to well with his neighbours

A 'Coronation Street' source said: "Johnny decides that the pub needs a good lick of paint and a rebrand.

"So he tells all of the residents of Weatherfield that he is going the whole hog and changing the name.

"Everyone is horrified when they hear he's going to call it The Roverz and tries to convince him to leave it as it is."

What's more, Johnny wants to bring in gastro grub to the pub, which could see the boozer's famous dish, Betty's Hotpot - created by former character Betty Williams (Betty Driver) - axed from the menu.

The source added: "Scrapping Betty's famous hotpots is even more unthinkable."