Matt Lucas and Sally Phillips will be among the guests on the second series of the 'Kurupt FM Podkast'.

The Kurupt FM podkast

The Kurupt FM podkast

The ‘People Just Do Nothing’ stars - MC Grindah, DJ Beats, DJ Steves And Chabuddy G - have launched the new episodes of their podcast on Audible, and they’ll be joined by a host of famous faces to cover a range of topics including nature, TV and film, history, travel and politics, as well as sharing their life advice with listeners.

However, they’re not too happy about it.

MC Grindah, head of Kurupt FM, said: “The music game is changing - people don't want music anymore. They want podcasts.

“Am I happy that we're doing one? No. Am I proud of what we've done? Again, not really. But it's still better than any of the other podcasts out there”.

Chabuddy G, manager of Kurupt FM, added: “This podcast will change your life. Satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not satisfied then we will refund your money! But before you ask for your money back just bear in mind that there's no way to scientifically prove that you're not satisfied, and it will be your word against mine”.

The first episode covers Nature, and will feature Lolly Adefope as the collective discuss vital issues including global “warmsing” and which animal would make the perfect tattoo for Grindah’s lower back.

‘Great British Bake Off’ host Matt appears on episode two to discuss TV and film, while hot topics include Grindah’s planned biopic and an analysis of the best film genres, including 70s erotica, and their favourite television shows.

Sally is the guest for the fourth episode of the podcast, ‘Politics’, which will also feature Chabuddy G’s campaign to become Mayor of London, thanks to policies such as expanding the capital to encompass the whole of the UK, enforcing a new religion and turning tower blocks in Brentford into clubhouses.

Other guests on the six-part series include Paul Chahidi, Steen Raskopoulos and Ruth Bratt.

Audible members can listen to The Kurupt FM Podkast for free as part of their membership. Non-members can listen free with a 30-day trial at

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