Katya Jones has insisted a same-sex pairing is a “normal thing”  in the world of dance.

Katya Jones and Nicola Adams

Katya Jones and Nicola Adams

The 31-year-old professional dancer is part of the first-ever all-female duo on 'Strictly Come Dancing' alongside boxer Nicola Adams, but the pair making history on this year's Latin and ballroom series doesn’t faze her, because there are plenty of same-sex competitions in the dance world.

She told the Radio Times magazine: “In the ballroom world, there are same-sex partnerships and same-sex competitions, so it's a really normal thing, you know?

“I've always taught as a lead and a follower, so this doesn't feel like anything extra.”

Katya believes her partnership with the 37-year-old Olympic boxer will be a “powerhouse”, as Nicola is used to “training hard” in the ring.

She added: “I'm just really excited to get someone whose work ethic is out of this world - she's so used to training hard. For me, that's all I look for in a partner.

“We're two strong-minded women and we're going to be a powerhouse together. And, you know, dancing is dancing.”

Nicola - who has been dating Ella Baig since 2018 - is confident her relationship will not become another victim of the so-called "‘Strictly’ curse", as many dance pairings have led to romance in the past. Ella isn't concerned either.She recently said: “I'm not worried about the curse. Nicki and me are best friends so I don't really see anyone as competition and she doesn't either.

"The grass is never greener on the other side and me and Nicki have a lot of history together, so I don't think anyone is going to steal her off me.  

“We did have a conversation about the 'curse,' and we agreed I would meet her dance partner so there are no hard feelings or jealousy there.”