Katie Piper has a crush on Piers Morgan.

Katie Piper

Katie Piper

The 35-year-old TV star has opened up about secretly having the hots for the 54-year-old broadcaster, admitting she "really fancies" the 'Good Morning Britain' co-host.

Speaking on Andi Peters' new 'Refuse to Snooze' podcast, she said: "Piers Morgan ... I really fancy him."

Katie - who runs the Katie Piper Foundation, which provides help and support to burns victims, after she was the victim of an acid attack in 2009 - says her two daughters, Penelope, 16 months, and Belle, five, give her a "zest for life" and "gratitude for being alive".

The star has emphasised that her inspirational quote to burn victims who feel insecure is: "What other people think of me is none of my business".

The former 'Strictly Come Dancing' contestant encourages confidence by claiming people should get on with their lives as opposed to dwelling on negative comments.

She said: "I think we spend a lot of time based on what other people think and based on comparisons and I think actually when you get later on in life you realise that's kind of irrelevant and the earlier you realise that the better."

The aim of the 'Refuse to Snooze' podcast is to encourage Brits to not sleep away their mornings and awaken to inspirational talks with motivational guests.

Andi said: "I'm really excited to be working with eve sleep as the host of their 'Refuse to Snooze' Podcast - particularly as I am a lover of mornings and never hit the snooze button.

"I hope listeners enjoy the series as much as I did recording it and it becomes an uplifting start to their day for the next few weeks."

'Refuse to Snooze' is available to download via iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn.

The five-part podcast series will be released every Monday at 6.30am - starting today (08.04.19) - until Monday 6th May.

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