Katherine Jenkins says it was "such a challenge" to film in 'The Masked Singer' costume, and she felt grateful when it was fitted with wheels.

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins

The classical singer finished third in the show's debut series in the UK, but her Octopus costume was the "heaviest" out of all the contestants' outfits and weighed down on her shoulders, making it tough to jump around much.

She said: "It really was such a challenge, because it was the heaviest of the costumes, I think.

"All the weight was on my shoulders, so to jump around and make the character come to life was quite a lot of work.

"Halfway through because it started to get to my back, they very kindly decided to put her on wheels and I became a Dalek."

Katherine wanted to take part in the show for her daughter, Aaliyah, four, and she found it bizarre when the youngster asked if she was an octopus.

Speaking on 'Lorraine', she added: "She did come out of school the other day and say, 'Mummy, are you the Octopus? Miss Sandra at school says you're the octopus.' "It was so random to have this conversation with her.

"I showed her some of it and she said, 'Well done, you were a good octopus.' "

After being unmasked as the sea creature on the show, Katherine admitted she wanted to take part so she could perform songs she would "never in a million years sing".

She said: "I was trying to keep my opera voice away as much as possible. It's been so much fun. In my normal career, it can be quite serious and quite static so to be able to do something where you can literally create a new character, sing something that you never would in a million years sing, it's been really really fun."

And her costume was inspired by things her daughter might like.

She added: "I've got a little octopus at home, my daughter, she loves 'Blue Planet', she loves 'The Little Mermaid', she loves everything pink and purple and every time I come out, i felt like I was singing to her. I'm getting emotional."

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