Josh O'Connor says his first day on the set of 'The Crown' was "the hardest" because he felt intimidated by the stellar cast.

Josh OConnor

Josh OConnor

The 28-year-old actor - who portrays Prince Charles on the Netflix show - says day one of filming was "physically demanding" and he was starring alongside "incredible actors" such as Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter and Tobias Menzies.

Josh told "There were more physically demanding scenes or emotionally demanding scenes, but the first day on set was the hardest because I walked into an unbelievable powerhouse of a series with incredible actors like Olivia and Helena and Tobias.

"There's an endless list of brilliant actors. Walking in and feeling the weight of it, it was so difficult."

But Josh admitted his nerves calmed when he realised everyone on set was very supportive and just encouraged others to do their best.

He said: "Then I opened my mouth and looked around and realised it's just like 'The Durrells'.

"A supportive team of creatives which makes such a difference and you get the best performances out of each other by supporting each other.

"That made the rest of the series a dream for that very reason."

Josh also admitted everyone on set was delighted to see Olivia - who portrays Queen Elizabeth II on the Netflix drama - win a Best Actress Oscar for 'The Favourite.'

He said: "We can't stop talking about it.

"We're so happy for her, it's thoroughly deserved. It's the first of many for her."