John Torode's kids prefer his wife Lisa Faulkner’s cooking to his.

Lisa Faulkner and John Torode

Lisa Faulkner and John Torode

The 55-year-old celebrity chef - who has grown-up children Marcel and Casper from a previous relationship and Jonah, 12, and Lulu, 10, with his ex-wife Jessica - admitted his cooking is not always up to par with his wife's culinary creations, and his kids would rather dig into her roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings.

Restaurateur John - who has written a number of cook books - told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Anything which is more big family stuff, it’d be Lisa for sure.

"Lisa’s roast potatoes are far better than mine. And her Yorkshire puddings are far better than mine too!”

The couple first met when Lisa won ‘Celebrity MasterChef’ in 2010 and started dating two years later when John wrote to her expressing his love.

She previously said: "I was surprised. I knew we'd had a couple of nice times where we met, chatted, had fun and talked a lot. So we were friends, and it didn't come out of the blue, but I thought it was a very gentlemanly thing to do, a letter."

John popped the question in 2018 and the pair recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary after tying the knot in 2019.

And while the couple have spent months of their marriage in lockdown, Lisa believes the honeymoon phase is still going strong.

She said: "It's funny that nearly half of our marriage has been in lockdown. It's a good job I like him!"

However, It seems Lisa - who has daughter Billie, 14, with ex-husband Chris Coghill - has come a long way since she won the cooking series as she has taught John a thing or two in the kitchen.

She said: “I suppose I’ve taught him the wonders of a jacket potato!

“He doesn’t think they’re a meal. He thinks a jacket potato is a side dish and I’m like, ‘No, no, not in this country … cheese and beans, and you’re happy!’”  

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