John Torode thinks his partnership with Gregg Wallace is "like a marriage".

John Torode

John Torode

The 54-year-old celebrity chef has worked alongside the 55-year-old presenter on 'MasterChef' for 15 years, and believes the cooking show's success is down to their commitment to one another.

He is quoted by The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column as saying: "It's almost like a marriage in some ways and it's incredible that we still get on really well."

John worked as a sous chef for Quaglino's in the 1990s when he first met Gregg, whose company supplied the vegetables for the restaurant.

The pair later joined forces to present a revamped version of the cooking show in 2005.

Throughout their career, John and Gregg have always showed "respect" for each other despite living contrasting lives.

John added: "We go home to different worlds when we leave work. We dress differently, shop in different places. We even have different ideas about what we should eat, when we should get up. But most importantly we respect each other and wouldn't comment on the other's choices."

Gregg recently admitted he might step down from his role once he doesn't need the money anymore.

He said: "Once I've paid off my mortgage and I have the pension pot that I requite, then I'll take a judgement on whether I'll keep doing the show. But right now I still need the money!"