John Torode accidentally set fire to his kitchen during a live cooking segment on 'This Morning'.

John Torode

John Torode

The 54-year-old celebrity chef appeared on the ITV daytime show on Tuesday (28.04.20) via a video chat to teach co-hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield how to make a McDonald's Egg McMuffin, but the segment descended into chaos when one of his tea towels caught fire.

Talking to the camera, he didn't notice the blaze behind him until Holly pointed out: "John, your tea towel is on fire."

Phillip then shouted: "John your cooker's on fire, your tea towel is on fire. Behind you!

The pair continued to scream "look behind you," but the chef remained oblivious due to the video link delay.

The 'MasterChef' star finally heard their cries and calmly moved the tea towel to the sink.

Despite keeping his cool and quickly putting out the fire, the smoke alarm began beeping, much to Holly and Phil's amusement.

Phil squealed: "God, I love this show so much."

Holly joked: "Hang on, what about my Egg McMuffin?"

Once John had managed to stop the fire alarm he resumed with his segment to make the popular breakfast meal.

He said: "Right, we're all back now. We're all calm."

Viewers were quick to comment on Twitter, with one jokingly paying their respects to John's tea towel.

They commented: "RIP John Torode's tea towel #ThisMorning. (sic)"

Another tweeted: "John Torode gave the most actual representation of me trying to cook. A fire, the smoke alarm going off and just general absolute chaos. @thismorning #ThisMorning. (sic)"

A third fan quipped he got more than he bargained for when tuning into 'This Morning' to learn a new skill.

They added: "#ThisMorning John Torode showing us how to make a McMuffin...And burn the house down. (sic)"