John Barrowman says his 'Doctor Who' return has been "amazing".

John Barrowman

John Barrowman

The 52-year-old actor made a comeback on the long running BBC sci-fi show as Captain Jack Harkness - who was last seen on the programme in 2010, and in spin-off show 'Torchwood' in 2011 - during Sunday's (26.01.20) episode, and has said he's thrilled to be back.

John has been campaigning to bring back the immortal Time Agent for several years, and finally got his wish this series, when Captain Jack appeared to deliver a message to The Doctor, who is currently played by Jodie Whittaker.

Speaking about his comeback before the episode aired, John said: "It feels absolutely amazing. I've always been holding the torch to eventually bring Jack back, because I know the love that the fanbase and the Whovians around the world have for him.

"Without giving too much of the story away, it's the same Jack you know. He's flirtatious, he's sassy, he's also determined. So Hallelujah - Jack is back!"

John first appeared in 'Doctor Who' back in 2005, in a two-part story with Christopher Eccleston's iteration of the titular Time Lord, before going on to star in multiple episodes with both Christopher and David Tennant's Doctors.

The character of Captain Jack became so popular he bagged his own spin-off series 'Torchwood', where the character took the lead role for four series', concluding in 2011's 'Children of Earth'.

And before making his reappearance, John had already guessed the world would "go mad" the minute Captain Jack appeared on screen.

He said: "The internet is going to blow up. Because as soon as he appears onscreen ... everybody in the UK's going to tell everybody in the US, and the US is going to tell everybody in South America. Then it's going to go to China, and then it's going to go all over the place.

"The whole world is going to go mad. I hope - I could be wrong - but I hope that Jack is trending worldwide when it happens."

John is remaining tight-lipped about his character's future on the show, but thinks it's "about time" the fan favourite stuck around.

Speaking to, he said: "Who knows what the decisions were and why they were made? But I'm glad they were made, and if I can say so personally - it's about time."

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