John Barrowman sought therapy after being embroiled in a scandal for exposing himself on set.

John Barrowman

John Barrowman

The 54-year-old actor admitted to "tomfoolery" during filming of 'Doctor Who' and 'Torchwood' in May but insisted he was only trying to lighten the mood and entertain colleagues, though he acknowledged his behaviour may have upset people.

And he's now admitted the backlash about his antics led him to seek therapy after his mental health began to slide.

He said: "It was upsetting my mental health. My husband Scott suggested I talk to somebody. I won't discuss what I've said in therapy sessions – that's a matter of doctor/patient confidentiality – but I don't mind admitting it's helped me a great deal.

"It's made me aware that despite how much cancel culture may talk about respecting people's mental health, too often they don't respect the mental health of the people they're trying to cancel. So I needed to understand what was happening, which is why I went to speak to somebody.

"It's a conversation that's still going on. Seriously, whatever the situation, if you feel you need to reach out to someone it's very important to keep talking.'

The 'Dancing On Ice' judge insisted there was "absolutely nothing sexual" about his behaviour and he was just trying to "maintain a jokey atmosphere".

He told the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine: "I’ve never been someone who’s embarrassed about his body so it didn’t bother me if anyone saw me naked.

"The motivation for what I’d call my ‘tomfoolery’ was to maintain a jokey atmosphere.

“There was absolutely nothing sexual about my actions and nor have I ever been accused of that.

“In the theatre quick costume changes happen in the wings all the time, with everyone stripping off to get into their new outfits in time for the next scene.

“Girls might be braless, boys only in jockstraps. That’s just how it is and no one gives it a second thought. But I accept that my behaviour at the time could have caused offence.’

And John admitted he was warned by BBC executive producer Julie Gardner to "rein in" his "antics".

He said: “My antics had come to her attention and she told me I should rein in my behaviour.

“In blunt terms, she had just two words of advice: ‘Grow up!'

"That struck a chord. I did as I was told and my behaviour changed overnight. I'd still be full of jokes and fun, but no more naked pranks. I can see now my actions were pretty juvenile but this was a different time and it's something I would not do today."

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