John Barrowman has compared Caprice Bourret's professional spilt with Hamish Gaman on 'Dancing on Ice' to a divorce.

John Barrowman

John Barrowman

The 52-year-old actor - who is a judge on the ITV ice dancing competition - has admitted he doesn't want to "take sides" after Caprice and Hamish opted to "part ways", despite only skating together in two routines.

Both Caprice and Hamish remain in the competition, as the model has now been partnered with Oscar Peter whilst Hamish participates in group performances.

Speaking at Tuesday (28.01.20) night's National Television Awards (NTAs), John told the Mirror Online: "We've just had a divorce in the family and that's it and like any divorce that you have in the family as a family member you try not to take sides.

"We love both of them and Caprice is now skating with Oscar.

"Everybody's doing fine. They don't have to get along with each other, they just have to get along with it."

John also explained that he has found a way to keep Hamish busy by taking to the ice with the professional skater, who is "fine" despite the controversy.

He said: "Hamish and I skated today because I went back on the ice just for fun. Hamish is fine. I can't wait until he lifts me!"

Caprice, 48, returned to the ice on Sunday's (26.01.20) show having missed an episode following her split with Hamish.

She has previously admitted she's "in it to win it" on the show and is "highly competitive".

Caprice said: "I'm in it to win it. It'll be tough but I have that go-for-it attitude. Although I've pulled a tendon in my foot and my whole body is covered in hundreds of bruises, I have just accepted that I'm going to fall - and now I have the no-fear factor.

"I love it so much that not only do I want to win but I also want to carry on skating. I'm highly competitive, a trait my two boys seem to have inherited from me. I want to win for them."

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