John Altman believes his 'EastEnders' character Nick Cotton could return from the dead.

John Altman

John Altman

The 65-year-old actor was known for playing Nick Cotton - nicknamed Nasty Nick - on the BBC soap from the show's debut episode in 1985 until his character was killed off in 2015, but has now hinted the character could return as no-one saw Nick's body.

He told The Sun newspaper: "You never know with soaps, do you? I mean they could get the right storyline - no one ever saw his dead body did they? We will just leave it at that. There's always open doors and the writers work their magic."

Nick met his own nasty end during the live 30th anniversary special of the show in February 2015, after he took drugs he claimed "weren't pure" and died in the arms of his mother Dot Cotton (played by June Brown) who refused to call an ambulance.

It isn't the first time John has been vocal about his character's return either, as he previously expressed a wish to move the Walford icon to the Yorkshire village of 'Emmerdale' "under a different name".

He said previously: "I always thought it would be great to see Nick go up to Emmerdale or something under a different name but he is actually the same character.

"He'd be being nice and all the viewers would be going mad because they know he's evil. I don't think we could do it now because he's dead. But is he dead? We never saw the body being carried out of the house.

"There's something called suspended animation maybe that happened to Nick?"

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