John Altman thinks Danny Dyer will become an 'EastEnders' legend.

John Altman

John Altman

The 64-year-old actor - who played Nick Cotton in the long-running soap on and off from 1985 until his alter ego met his deadly end last year - only worked with the hunk for just over a year but he is convinced he'll be one of the most memorable members of the cast in years to come because viewers love his character Mick Carter.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "I think Danny could go on and on, I think Danny has fitted in really well, he's a very believable pub landlord I've met a few like his character over the years. Unless he wants to get out and make movies he can go on.

"Although, if he does come out, it won't be the same as it was before for him that's for sure. I could see Danny in it a long time, would be a nice pension fund for him, although maybe he's a bit young to start thinking about his pension."

John believes Danny - who was born and bred in East London - has brought something "real" to the soap since he joined in 2013.

He explained: "The show benefits from having a genuine Londoner on it, he can contribute a lot more.

"Peter Dean who played Pete Beale the fruit and veg man - Nick used to call him Pete the Potato which I made up and then they kept it in - because he was cockney born and bred so if there were any mistakes in the script he'd bring them to the fore straight away to make sure they got it right. Although a lot of cockneys have disappeared now, they are all spread out in Kent and Essex."

John has just released his book 'In the Nick of Time: The Autobiography of John Altman, EastEnders' Nick Cotton'.

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