Joe Wicks has admitted he has days where he wants to quit being the Body Coach.

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks

The 34-year-old fitness guru - who helped the UK get active during the coronavirus lockdowns in 2020 with his three times a week online PE lessons - revealed he is trying to embrace meditation to keep himself in the right frame of mind.

Speaking to Russell Brand on the 'Joe Wicks Podcast', he said: "It's a habit I need to get into but I know it's going to bring me a lot of peace and calm and that is something I need.

"I'm very content, I'm very cool but I also burn out and I have weeks where I want to throw my phone in the sea and never look at it again.

"And I don't want to be the Body Coach. I have a couple of days off and I come back and I'm ready to be that motivator, inspiring and helping people."

Joe admitted technology can be a double-edged sword as it helps him connect with his audience but also left him "emotionally" drained.

He added: "I think the technology draws me in so much and the audience, the community, it gives me energy.

"But it also drains me emotionally, so it's trying to get that balance right."

Meanwhile, he previously revealed he turned to fitness because he was worried about becoming a drug addict or alcoholic like his dad and granddad.

He explained: "I still have a drink. I’m not teetotal but definitely, as a teenager, I was scared, because my granddad was an alcoholic and my dad was a heroin addict. I thought, ‘If I drink, I might like it.’ I used to think I might become an addict.

"When everyone else was drinking down the park, I was doing two hours in the gym and the sauna. It was a safe space.”