JLS won't return to 'The X Factor' for a champions-style series.



J.B. Gill has confirmed he and his bandmates - Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes and Oritse Williams - wouldn't reunite for such a talent show, which is expected to see past favourites from the popular programme come back and compete for the ultimate champion title, because the boy band would want a comeback to be "on [their] own terms".

Writing a guest column for Closer magazine, he said: "Simon Cowell has confirmed that the next series will be a celebrity version, X Factor All Stars with famous people singing and the public voting.

"There will also be a Champions version where previous acts will return to compete. It was time for a change and these ideas sound brilliant.

"I can never thank that show enough for what it did for me. My bandmates - Aston Merrygold, Marvin Humes and Oritse Williams - and I had the best time on that show, and my life changed beyond belief.

"Even though we split up in 2013 I'm confident we'll reform at some point - but when the time is right.

"It won't be for any X Factor show as I think we'd want it to be on our own terms, and we owe it to our fans for them to see us first. I'd love to get back together at some point though, we'll see."

But the 'Beat Again' hitmaker has always been a "huge fan" of the series.

He added: "I'll always be a huge fan of The X Factor and will always support it whatever happens - after all it's where JLS took off."