Jm Davidson

Jm Davidson

Jim Davidson feels "reassured" by winning 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The comedian - who had to miss out on a place in the show last year because he was being investigated for historic sexual abuse claims - is unsure how he won over the public to take this year's crown and says his victory marks the end of a "year of hell".

He told Britain's OK! magazine: "I don't quite know what and how I won. It's very nice to know the public voted for me. It's reassuring.

"Whatever I do, I'll still be slagged off by the people who don't like me. What I am aware of is that a year of hell has come to an end. I think the public said, 'Come on Jim, we know what a year you've had, we're behind you and we don't believe a word of it.' So I'm very pleased about it."

Jim sometimes struggled with life in the house because he was so much older than most of the other contestants.

He added: "I felt quite lonely in the house sometimes because I'm 60 years old and it's like being at a party with a load of 20 year olds who want to enjoy themselves. So Dad has to creep off somewhere."


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