Some audience members reportedly walked out of Jim Davidson's 'Piers Morgan's Life Stories' recording after he defended his controversial comedy character Chalky White.

Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson

Six people - including a black couple - left the studio after he adopted the West Indian accent he used for the alter ego, which was a staple of his stand-up routines in the 1970s and early 1980s, to recreate Chalky as he tried to explain why the joke was not racist.

Of Chalky, he said: "You would not want to do that now as nobody speaks with a West Indian accent. It was all about accents. It was not about black people. It was watching people ... Have you noticed black guys now don't talk like that? I don't know where that accent comes from. No other country does it? This is an accent young black men or even white men like [rapper] Dappy talk like that."

However, the 64-year-old comedian infuriated even more people when he implied that black people were fine with his character, which he claims was simply reflective of the times.

Asked how black people in Britain took the gag, he replied: "I don't know. I've not met them all yet. They are fine. We had Alf Garnett and [the British sitcom] 'Love Thy Neighbour'. People ended up loving him."

He also attempted to laugh off claims he beat his third wife Alison Holloway.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: "It was volatile. What is the point trying to put the record straight? People will still call me a wife beater."

Asked if he would hit a woman, he replied: "Only a small one."

To which host Piers Morgan said: "You know by saying that other women will hate you."

Piers then added: "You know when you joke about domestic violence, there was probably a time when you could do that. That time has gone."

'Life Stories: Jim Davidson' will hit screens on Saturday (10.03.18) at 9:50pm on ITV, but it's believed the controversial scenes will not air as part of the segment.

ITV has declined to comment.