Jim Davidson has branded Michael McIntrye a "****".

Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson

The 63-year-old comedian has slammed the fellow funnyman and hopes his tour '40 Years On' will put other "young" entertainers, who don't find him entertaining, in their place and realise "all the things" he has achieved over his four-decade career.

Speaking about his upcoming gig and his 40-year-old rival on Kent News, the former 'Big Break' host said: "It's how I earn my money. It's a long time to be in show business, and it's a way to say to all these young c**ts like [Michael] McIntyre and others who don't think I'm funny but do think I'm a racist 'look at what I've done, and all the things that I've done'."

During Jim's outburst he subtly hit out at music mogul Simon Cowell for launching talent shows to boost his reputation, which he claims his programme 'New Faces' didn't do.

The star - who has children Cameron, Fred, Sarah, Elsie and Charlie - explained: "Shows like 'The X Factor' and 'Britain's Got Talent' just make the judges like Simon Cowell look good. It's about amateurs trying to be good at something.

"'New Faces' wasn't like that, it wasn't about the judges. It was professional comedians trying to get work."

Meanwhile, Jim has hinted he was surprised to win 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2014 and was thrilled he left the house to be greeted by hoards of people "cheering" for him.

Speaking previously he said: "All the people cheering ... especially as I've been nominated more times than 'Gone With The Wind' ... I got saved by these people and the people at home. I thought I'd stand my ground and just be me."