Jessica-Jane Clement

Jessica-Jane Clement

Jessica-Jane Clement and Pete Firman are to front a show about the extreme things people do to their bodies.

The 'Real Hustle' star and the comic magician will be joined by three former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestants, 'Austin Powers' actor Verne Troyer, Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns and Jackie Stallone - the 91-year-old mother of actor Sylvester Stallone - on 'The Body Shocking Show', which will air on E4 from March 14.

The programme examines a range of topics, including extraordinary bodies and the world's strangest fetishes.

When the show was first announced, Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Kate Teckman, said: "The Body Shocking Show's unflinching and irreverent approach to the extraordinary actions of people around the globe promises to truly amaze viewers. From extreme body piercings to people who have their nipples and belly buttons removed for reasons only known to themselves - only a fool would miss it."

Juliet Rice, Head of Factual Entertainment at production company Twofour, said: "'The Body Shocking Show' is a smorgasbord of weird and wonderful and a celebration of the people who love to push boundaries. Be prepared to watch through your fingers at times!"

The eight-part series follows on from E4's previous success, 'Greatest Body Shockers'.