Jess Wright felt "so much elation" on her wedding day.

Jess Wright

Jess Wright

The 36-year-old TV star tied the knot with businessman William Lee-Kemp in Mallorca on September 9, and Jess admits she couldn't stop smiling on her special day.

She said: "I felt so much elation, so much happiness I could not stop smiling."

William admits the guests were all wowed by Jess on her wedding day.

He also explained that watching her walk down the aisle was an "unforgettable" moment.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, William recalled: "She looked so beautiful. The dress was unbelievable, even more spectacular than I thought it would be.

"The whole church gasped. It was one of those unforgettable moments."

Jess wishes she could relive her wedding over and over.

The TV star entered the Basilica de Sant Francesc in Palma to 'I'm Kissing You' by Des'ree and it's a moment that she'll never forget.

Jess explained: "Hearing it in that beautiful church with my dad at my side, and to see Will at the end of the aisle, I would relive that many times over if I could."

The loved-up couple postponed their wedding in June and Jess feared they would need to downscale their original plans due to coronavirus restrictions.

Jess - who was joined at the ceremony by her brother Mark and his wife, actress Michelle Keegan - said: "I will never give up on a dream. There were so many times we thought that we might have to go ahead with a smaller wedding due to all the restrictions, but we kept holding on.

"Someone could well say we are persistent, and I think that is probably now one of my middle names."