Jeremy Clarkson is gutted after crush Kristin Scott Thomas unfollowed him on Instagram.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson

The 60-year-old television presenter was left "completely heartbroken" when he spotted the 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' star no longer wanted to be friends with him on social media, but he has no idea what he could have done to upset her.

Speaking on 'The DriveThrough' podcast, he said: "Well that's Kristen Scott Thomas. It's definitely Kristen Scott Thomas who's unfollowed me on Instagram.

"I can hardly bring myself to speak. I've no idea what I've done. I'm completely heartbroken."

The former 'Top Gear' host - who was married to Alexandra James from 1989 to 1990, and Frances Cain from 1993 to 2014 - hasn't be shy about his adoration for the 60-year-old actress, but was left speechless when she appeared on the motoring show for the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment in 2007.

He said at the time: "Unfortunately I find her so attractive that I am unable to form a word in her presence. I just become incredibly tongue tied and nervous.

"I can't formulate a word in her presence. So, she doesn't know the depth of my feelings for her."

Though as he was introducing her on the show, his co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond took the opportunity to tease their friend for coming face-to-face with his crush.

Introducing Kristin, he said: "My guest tonight is a Hollywood star. She's currently starring on the West End stage in one of the classics. She's the epitome of cool..."

Hammond interrupted: "Wow, is your heart fluttering as you talk about her?"

And May added: "Has your tongue gone really big?"

What's more, Clarkson revealed he once owned a "beautiful" donkey that he named after the award-winning actress - who wed François Olivennes in 1987, but split in 2005 - and broke down in tears when his beloved pet died.