Jeremy Clarkson fought back tears as he watched Donald Fear win the 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' jackpot.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson

The 60-year-old TV presenter hailed Donald, 57 - who won £1 million on the show on Friday night (11.09.20) - as the best contestant in the history of the quiz show.

Jeremy shared: "I was just in awe of this contestant and think they are probably the best the show has ever had in its 22-year history. It was a joy to sit and watch it unfold.

"It felt like we whizzed through the 15 questions and all of a sudden confetti was falling from the ceiling and I was saying 'You've just won one million pounds'.

"I wasn't sure I'd ever get to utter those immortal six words and I'm not embarrassed to say it was a little emotional but boy did it feel good."

Donald was confident about 13 of his 15 answers en route to the jackpot.

He said: "Of the 15 questions I knew probably 13 of them immediately before the options appeared. The was including the million pound question, the £500,000 and including the £250,000. It's very easy if you know the answers."

Donald's brother Davyth won £500,000 on the show in 2019.

Speaking about their success, Donald reflected: "Obviously we've had simmering rivalry our entire lives, he's two and a half years older than me. But he could not be more delighted as I was for him when he won on the show.

"We actually went and spent the night in a hotel with our wives that last week, and we got absolutely plastered and he kept poking me and saying, how pleased and how overjoyed he was by it and so on.

"He's actually a lot cleverer than I am but I was a lot, I was luckier with the questions and the final question."

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