As one of the most complicated characters in The Walking Dead, Negan is somebody comic book readers and TV audiences have loved, hated, and loved to hate since his introduction.

As such a polarising figure, he’s somebody that has been talked about in relation to potentially picking up their own spin-off series in the future, and with the news that the main Walking Dead series would be coming to its final conclusion in 2022, rumours are starting to swirl once more.

Chatting with his fans on Twitter, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan - who plays Negan in the TV show - said he's still very open to taking on the role in his own spin-off.

He wrote: “We shall see. I'd like to think no doors are closed. A great character with many stories to tell. But again, much still to do here on TWD! Many episodes still to shoot. Right now I'm just excited about that!”

Though that’s far from confirmation, it has got fans excited as to what may lurk around the corner, whether it be a full spin-off series based on Negan, or simply an episode or two dedicated to telling his origin story.

An extra six episodes of The Walking Dead Season 10 were ordered by AMC following the news that the final season will be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s very possible that one or more of those could deliver more information on Negan’s past.

The comic book one shot Negan Lives! is potentially a great starting point for showrunners, who would then have plenty of room to expand on the story if they so wished after reaching its end.

At the very least, we know that the character will be appearing in more of The Walking Dead following Morgan’s tweet.

Despite his murder of some fan-favourite characters, including Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), Negan has still managed to work his way into the hearts of some people watching, as well as those who once saw him as their primary enemy.

There’s always a veil of mystery surrounding the former dictator, due to his unpredictable nature and consistent thirst for power. Has he really been tamed and does he now simply want to survive; or is there something more nefarious bubbling under the surface?

The Walking Dead Season 10 concludes with six extra episodes in 2021, before the series' final season in 2022.

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