Jed Mercurio is determined to "carry on" with 'Line of Duty'.

Jed Mercurio

Jed Mercurio

The 55-year-old TV writer is responsible for creating the BBC show, and although he's not sure whether it will return for a seventh series, he'd love it to continue.

He shared: "I really want to carry on with 'Line of Duty' ... I think that season six proves that there is much more ground for us still to cover."

The police drama first aired in 2012 and Jed remains as passionate about the show as ever.

The acclaimed writer thinks there are still many more directions for the show to take if the BBC commissions another series.

Speaking about his current position in the TV industry, Jed told the 'Out To Lunch' podcast: "It certainly is a very fortunate and privileged position.

"As a writer you dream of getting to the point where people watch your work in such large numbers but also that you get a little bit of name recognition as well."

Jed also created the 2018 political thriller 'Bodyguard', which starred Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes.

The writer suggested he'd love to create a second series of the hit show or something similar in the coming years.

He explained: "I think that I learned a lot from the success of 'Bodyguard'.

"It really was very heartening to see the way in which an audience would come to something that was completely fresh and original. So much content is an adaptation of something that was a book or a film, but 'Bodyguard' was just an original concept.

"The fact that we hit the ground running and people really got into the characters and stories made a huge impact I think on what my ambition is for doing more original series. I would love to do something within the next couple of years. If it isn't 'Bodyguard 2' then it is something on the same scale as that."

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