Jason Manford has admitted he lost his virginity to the 'Friends' theme song.

Jason Manford

Jason Manford

The 40-year-old comedian revealed the opening credits - which feature the song 'I'll Be There For You' by The Rembrandts - were the soundtrack to a significant milestone in his life, although he insisted the classic sitcom was just on the TV as background noise.

Appearing on Rhod Gilbert's Comedy Central show 'Growing Paints', he said: "I lost my virginity within the theme tune of 'Friends'.

"That's 35 seconds long - I've counted it. It was on a Friday night and it was on telly."

Meanwhile, the musical star also opened up on how he used to use line dancing to try and impress girls in his teenage years.

He added: "My family were all in on country and western bands, so we would go to watch them.

"I was the only teenage boy there, surrounded by girls, so I felt like an absolute king... of the line dancing."

Meanwhile, Jason recently admitted he was concerned about the impact his weight loss would have on his comedy material after dropping from 17st 5lbs to 14st 10lbs.

He said: "Most comics I thought were funny were overweight. If you are lean and good-looking an audience will go, 'What's your struggle been?'

"You think, 'Will I still be funny if I'm slim?' I had a routine about getting stuck in a water slide as someone was coming down behind me.

"It was a good 20-minute routine and I thought, 'If I did start losing some weight now, I'd have to lose these jokes."

The 'Unbeatable' host explained he now eats less and moves more, and the support he has from his loved ones and the Jason Manford Weight Loss Support Group has helped motivate him.

He still enjoys treats while keeping an eye on calories, and Jason noted he isn't trying to look "like an Adonis" when he goes on tour in August.

Asked whether he can still be funny after losing weight, he laughed: "Only time will tell.

"I'm not worried about going on tour and looking like an Adonis, that is never going to happen."