Jake Wood got "emotional" while watching his 'EastEnders' exit play out on screen.

Jake Wood as Max Branning

Jake Wood as Max Branning

The actor's character Max Branning left Walford on Friday (19.02.21), but Jake admitted it was particularly "weird" watching his departure from the BBC One soap because he finished filming three months ago.

He said: "It was a bit weird for me because I finished filming in mid-December, so I've been away from 'EastEnders' for about three months already.

"Me and the wife sat down to watch it. We invited the kids to join us, but they weren't that interested.

"It was a sad moment, 15 years is a long time on any show.

"It was emotional, but because I'd finished filming three months previous it was a bit weird going back to watch it."

Following his December exit, Jake has grown a beard and while his wife Alison Murray is not a fan, the 48-year-old star joked he is planning to emulate bearded ZZ Top band members Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill.

He said: "The wife hates it - but what can you do?

"I want to go ZZ Top."

As well as growing a beard, Jake has had his hands full following his Albert Square departure, from homeschooling to putting eye drops in his pet pooch's peepers on an hourly basis after his dog had a scrap with his cat.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain', he added: "I've got two teenagers at home, so I'm homeschooling.

"I've got a dog that needs eye drops every hour at the moment.

"He's got swiped in the eye by my cat, so that's no fun.

"I've got a chicken coop that needs clearing out, so I've never been busier to be honest."

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