Ian Wright is set to host a new ITV game show.

Ian Wright

Ian Wright

The fsoccer legend has landed a new presenting role on a prime-time spot with 'Moneyball', which will see contestants win money for every correct answer.

However, if the contestants decide to leave the game early they must make a "final shot" that could force them back into the game.

Ian, 57, said: "Look who’s got a brand new game show. From the moment ITV got in touch with the idea, I was hooked and there was no way I could’ve said no to 'Moneyball'.

"It’s exhilarating, fun, dramatic, everything you want from a game show. Even though I know I’ll want everyone to win the money and even though I know I’ll be in bits when they lose, I can't wait for everyone at home to experience the real drama of 'Moneyball'."

Michael Kelpie, Managing Director of Potato - who are co-producing the show - teased the show further.

He said: "'Moneyball' is a great game that combines general knowledge and split-second timing for the chance to win life-changing amounts of cash."

ITV believes the former soccer star is the perfect man for the job as the show is full of "life-changing moments".

Katie Rawcliffe, Head of ITV Entertainment Commissioning, said: “We are delighted to have Ian at the helm of this exciting, new format that suits him perfectly. A heart-stopping game show that is full of humour, drama and life-changing moments.”

Ian has enjoyed a successful TV career since he retired from playing, but he admits to receiving some fierce criticism after making the switch.

He said: "You should have seen some of the stuff they used to say: ‘He can’t finish a sentence. What’s he doing on there?’"