Ian 'H' Watkins thinks taking part in 'Dancing on Ice' will be "easier" than raising his children.

Ian 'H' Watkins and Matt Evers

Ian 'H' Watkins and Matt Evers

The Steps singer - who will appear on the ITV skating show with professional partner Matt Evers - isn't worried about the gruelling work he'll need to undertake to get ready for the show as he already has a challenge in bringing up twins Macsen and Cybi Ryder-Watkins.

When asked if he was prepared for how hard training would be, he said: "Again, I have children, and raising twins, anything is easier that that. But what's perfect about this is that I can do all of the training around my kids, which is perfect."

And H admits his biggest fear about the show is getting injured and not being able to look after his kids.

He explained: "Well I'm a parent now, so I have the fear of obviously if I get injured, my children depend on me. It's that fear that other people are affected by it ... But again because I'm a parent, I'm looking forward to learning a new skill that I can bring my kids along to later. Teaching them to ice skate. It will be a nice family thing for us to do. "

H admits he isn't really keen on feeling fearful and tries to "step back from dangerous situations" now he has kids of his own.

He explained: "I don't like fear, but I like to feel like I'm on the edge a little bit. But since I've had kids my fear factor has raised.

"I step back from dangerous situations. But who knows, maybe they'll get me doing headbangers, we'll see ... I will try anything so throw it my way and if I can do it, great."

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