HRVY predicts he will battle Maisie Smith for the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ trophy.

Singer HRVY

Singer HRVY

The 21-year-old singer believes the upcoming BBC Latin and ballroom dance competition is a two-horse race between himself and the 19-year-old soap star.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “She looks very good. Me and her are going to have a little rivalry, I think.”

The ‘EastEnders’ star has also had the same thought as she previously admitted HRVY is her “biggest rival”.

She said: “I’ve spoken to HRVY actually, and he said he feels like he’s got a bit of competition and I said, ‘Ditto!’ So I feel he’s my biggest rival! I haven’t spoken to anyone yet but I’m looking forward to seeing them all soon.”

Although HRVY is confident of his dance moves, he's not sure if he has the competition “in the bag” just yet.

He added: "I don’t have it in the bag, but I’m pretty confident in my moves.

"I feel like it’s half in the bag. I feel like my hips are quite loose, I pick up stuff quite easy. I’m bigging myself up here! My work ethic is pretty good and I’ll put 110 percent in, so I feel I’ll be alright."

Meanwhile, Maisie is determined to beat the ‘Good Vibes’ hitmaker as she is going into the competition with “all guns blazing”.

She said: “I’m going in all guns blazing. I’m in it to win it. But as long as I stay for a decent amount of time, I’ll be happy.

“Honestly, I can dance to anything. You can play lift music and I’ll bop. I used to do ballet and hated it because everything had to be so perfect. I just wanted to dance and shake my hips.”