Holly Willoughby feels "frustrated" talking about diets.

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby

The 39-year-old TV presenter - who has remained tight-lipped about her own exercise regime over the years - has revealed she doesn't enjoy discussing the issue of dieting.

Speaking to Vanessa Feltz about Adele's recent weight loss, Holly said: "I get very frustrated when we're talking about diets.

"I know you've been on here talking about your own battle with weight loss and you tried every diet in the book and none of those worked for you and you went for more drastic measures which, for you, worked out brilliantly."

In response, Vanessa said on 'This Morning': "It's not so much as the diets don't work, they do work but the problem is the bit where you've lost all the weight and everyone says, 'Oh, you look great!'

"You feel great, people start to treat you in a different way, which is awful because you're the same inside as out.

"However you feel great, you celebrate but then you go back to normal life which, for most people with people with a weight problem, involves having a bit of chocolate!"

Holly previously admitted she feared influencing people with eating disorders if she speaks about her own weight loss.

The TV star - who has Harry, 10, Belle, nine, and Chester, five, with husband Dan Baldwin - said in 2017: "I actually avoid talking about my diet and exercise regime because I have interviewed so many people affected by eating disorders and I know that some people in chat rooms can really fixate on other people's diets.

"I just can't contribute to that."