'Holby City' paid a sneaky tribute to 'Doctor Who' as John Barrowman and Jo Martin shared a sweet moment.

John Barrowman as Drew

John Barrowman as Drew

The 53-year-old actor - who played Captain Jack Harkness in the sci-fi show and the 'Torchwood' spin-off - appeared on the hospital drama on Tuesday night (28.07.20) as Drew Nicholson-Heath, and his character got a telling-off from Jo's alter ego Max McGerry.

The scene saw locum doctor Drew accused of trying to poach staff for a hospital in Dubai, as Max suggested he was planning to "take something else away" and warned him to keep his "hands off".

In the nod, John's character saluted Max and called her "doctor", in the same way Jack used to address the Time Lord.

John wrote on Twitter: "I'm so glad you got the #DoctorWho nod Jb (sic)"

As fans will know, Jo played an incarnation of the Doctor in the 12th season of the BBC show.

The pair even appeared in the same episode - 'Fugitive of the Judoon' - during the most recent run.

John and Jo recreated the salute in a behind-the-scenes video unveiled by the BBC this week, and the actress was delighted.

She admitted: "I'm melting - my son is going to die when he sees this."

Drew joined the hospital as a consultant looking to poach doctors for a large hospital in Dubai, but it seemed he has a history with fellow consultant Ange Godard, who is played by Dawn Steele.

Although John's appearance seems to be a one-off, he suggested there could be more plans in the pipeline.

He teased: "Drew Nicholson-Heath, he's a good Scotsman. We don't know if he's gonna be a good guy or a bad guy, but through the grapevine, he might be coming back."

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