Harry Redknapp has confirmed 'Harry's Heroes: The Full English' will return for a rematch against Germany.

Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp

The 72-year-old former football manager has revealed his team of former England internationals will be back in time for Euro 2020 with clashes against teams in France and Italy before a second leg against their old rivals.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We have just come back from a week in Germany and we had a great time. Great players, Matt Le Tissier, all the boys who played for England."

'Harry's Heroes: The Full English' was a hit with viewers earlier this year as five million tuned in to watch a team of English football veterans train for the big match against Germany in the two-part series.

Le Tissier, Robbie Fowler, Paul Merson and Neil 'Razor' Ruddock were under the watchful eye of Harry and ex-Liverpool ace John Barnes as they managed to win 4-2 in the grand finale.

Ruddock, 51, was given a stern warning by doctors at the time when they said he could "drop dead at any minute" if he didn't improve his health.

Talking about the second series, Harry joked: "We did not have Razor Ruddock this year unfortunately. He is about 28 stone, he couldn't make it."

The first series saw 51-year-old former defender get a stern warning from doctors that he could "drop dead at any minute."

However, a TV insider has confirmed Ruddock will be returning to the show, with the second season expected to air on ITV next summer to tie in with Euro 2020.

A source previously said: "Bosses were delighted with the reception the first series got, so are now working on getting a second part locked in.

"The idea with the second series is to get another team of ex-England stars, who are carrying a few extra pounds, to tour Europe and play some other former footballers of the same era."

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